The 10 Most Popular Climate Change Conspiracy Theories



December 13, 2016

Just over a year has passed since 150 countries sent representatives to Paris to figure out a way to work together to slow down global climate change. Since then, climate change deniers have continued to churn out conspiracy theories, and one denier has been elected President of the United States. The movement to stop man-made climate change and the movement to deny its existence in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence are now growing in parallel. The former is supported by traditional scientific organizations and outlets as well as environmental advocates, big-budget humanitarians, and the Pope. The latter is supported largely by scientifically illiterate political operatives funded either directly or indirectly by fossil fuel companies. Because of the sharp divide in credibility, deniers have come to lean on public gullibility by offering up a variety of conspiracy theories as explanations for scientific consensus.


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